HELP! i payed an extra $30 for an unlocked cpu so i could overclock. I finally got arround to messing around with. I took some advice from a website about overclocking my cpu and such but now its stuffed. Blue screen at start up, and the bios is freezing!!!! HELP, i have a p8z68-v gen3... is there any way to reset the bios or something or flashback, it can be done through the bios because it freezes like i previously mentioned... is there a way to fix it!!! i am FREAKING OUT, its my main computer and i need it and i had only built it a couple months ago.... HELP!!


P.S PLEASE HELP ME!!! i didnt know bios's could even freeze...?
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  1. PHEW i almost had a heart attack! i cleared the RTC ram with directions from the manual and that reset all rhe clock speeds for the cpu etc... all works fine
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