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The new Deepcool Dracula cooler is an ideal product for those owners of single-GPU High-End graphics accelerators, who value not only efficient cooling, but also low-noise operation and are eager to sacrifice four PCI slots on their mainboard for the sake of that. Deepcool’s excellent Dracula cooler will meet the needs of those used for as little as $55. As for the drawbacks, we could mention that the VRM heatsink is incompatible with the second revision of the reference AMD Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 graphics cards and lacks a fan rotation speed variator, PWM-control support or at least a Y-splitter among the bundled accessories. Other than that, the cooler is simply impeccable, and besides superb cooling efficiency in fan-on mode, can also cope easily with such products as Radeon HD 6770 without any fans attached.

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  3. deepcool said:

    The new Deepcool Dracula cooler is an ideal product ...

    Be VERY careful installing this as it does NOT come off, it caused me to brick my 7970 card. You can read more here:
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