Optical Digital Output on GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT not being detected


I am trying to connect an audio source via an optical cable into the optical input my GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT, which uses the Realtek ALC889A audio chipset.

My problem is that neither Windows 7 (64 bit) nor the Realtek Audio Manager are detecting the digital input on my MOBO. When going into the playback devices section of my Sound settings, all I have is "Realtek HD Audio" for speakers, and "Realtek Digitial Output". What I am missing is the "Realtek Digital Output (Optical)".

I have spent hours uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, but to no avail. Please, does anyone know what I am missing here? What can I do to make Win7 detect it? Any help would be immensely appreciated

-Thank you!
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  1. did you check to see that you have the latest versions of the drivers for your motherboard? Also check to see if there are any additional programs that came with your motherboard that may have something to do with the audio driver or optical output. Usually the audio driver program pop-up should display that you have an optical audio option. It also may be an integrated feature with the regular audio output (it may use it to boost the sound quality). I am not entirely sure. I do not use optical output and do not know anyone that does. If I were to connect my home theater setup to my computer, than I would most likely use that since my receiver has optical as well as my computer. But as of now, I have no need to.

    You should also check to see if it is properly connected on the other end (the receiver it is connected to or any other receiving device). Because if it is not detecting a place to send the signal, then that could also most likely be why the optical isnt showing up in your system.
    Best of luck
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