Best Gtx 580 for use with sli

whats the best gtx 580 to use in sli with the asus p8p67 deluxe mobo and the noctua nh 14

res am playing at is 1920 x 1080 i want the best possible fps
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  1. ehh.. you don't need best GTX 580 SLI setup to have good FPS but Asus has super expensive GTX 580 that uses 3 Slots and its redicisly expensive iin Australia its allmost cost of a GTX 590 just get a EVGA GTX 580 3gb and a EVGA GTX 580 1.5gb as bottem GPU
    this is Asus GPU i was talking about its way over priced and just a dumb idea go with something like this
  2. well i cant get the 3 gb but whats best evga gtx 580 super clocked or zotac gtx 580 amp? and will they work with my mobo will they fit and will they fit with a sound card creative sound blaster titanium
  3. You could go with either one, I've seen great things about both. I'd go with the 2-slot Amp and not the 3-slot Amp2 to maximize you're cooling ability.(Not that you siad anything about the Amp2, but just know that a 2 slot card on a 3 slot motherboard >>> 3slot card.)
  4. I use MSI's Lightning Extreme 580 GTX in SLI. Reading toms reviews indicate that this card does well in Metro where others have not done well.
  5. Either Card is great i'm big Fan of EVGA i have a EVGA GTX 580 superclocked edition and it works great most GPU brands are same as others on reference design it just comes down to your personal taste but EVGA has best Warranty and RMA in NVIDIA market
  6. but it does not blow the air out of the case from the back
  7. i want the best card to use in sli i mean it needs to blow the air out from the back so it does not get to hot when running sli will it work with my setup when using the noctua nh 14 and the sound blaster titanium?
  8. theses cards do not get hot and it sucks air from inside case and blows it out side and if you got fans and they are cheap to get some if your that worried about temps
  9. i mean i dont want the cards to blows air in to the case to the buttom card so it sucks up the hot air, i want the best card to sli with that blows the air out of the back
  10. that what i just said it does.... eh.. it blows out side of the case ALL GPU now blow out side of case thats why it has a vent at back on metal plating to BLOW OUT OF YOUR CASE.
  11. it sucks all hot air and blows it out side of the Case never herd of Gaming GPU blowing inside before... :/ just would not make sense
  12. well no offence ur not really in to the whole graphic card thing then cus all non reference cards blow the air in to the case and if you get 2 of them you will have the buttom card sucking up all the hot air and it will get hot as.... well if any one thats more tech heavy can answer that would be great i joined this site cus well wanted help from tech people i guess its rare to find
  13. dude i'm a techy by trade.... do not insult my intelligence its clearly YOU don't know what your talking about i own a GTX 580 and now your saying i don't know what im on about wtf? jeez dude im trying help you and i told you and i never said aftermarket version i said Gaming cards so... and for most part anyone thats worried about temps is on liquid cooling

    so much for trying help you just get told i don't know anything BS
  14. never said anything about you being retarded just said i did not think you know much about this but i can be wrong its the internet?
  15. buying aftermarket version does not meany anything man standard reference design is best way to go unless you have liquid cooling maybe spending extra 200 on a liquid cooling would be best option for you it all depends on how much wanna spend but for most part reference design performs same as non reference some are overclocked and some boast lower temps but over all reference design is way to go your rig will not get hot or over heat it will run fine just make sure you got a good case with good air flow

    people buy aftermarket version to boast how big ther E Peen is nothing more only differences is 3gb version and 1.5gb version Overclocking anyone with some knowledge knows how overclock and with theses new GPU its even easier they give you software
  16. can we chat over a chat program as i find it more easy and would be cool to talk to you like that :bounce:
  17. sure do you use MSN?
  18. yeah will go on it in like 5 min need to go on my laptop
  19. u gonna add me
  20. i aready did
  21. did not get anything
  22. unless you miss spell it
  23. nope i did not this is wired
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