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Want to watch you tube on the big screen

im not a gamer i just want a good card to use for video from sites like hulu and you tube and divx i want to hook my pc up to my 47 inch lcd i was thinking n-vidia cause i have a core 2 duo but i only have a 300 watt psu so my pc cant handle or aford a big powerful gpu and it would be a waste since i only game on my xbox so i was thinking
Zotac gt 220 1g ddr2
zotac gt 430 1g ddr3
xfx gt 520 1g ddr3
pny gt 240 512 ddr5

there all around the same price but is it worth spending the extra 10-20 bucks since im just getting this card for watching video or should i just get the cheapest card i can get will the cheapest card handle the big lcd tv please just help me pick one witch one is the best for the price
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  1. GT430 is pretty much the sweet spot for cheap accelerated video decoding. Unfortunately the 520 is just a bit too underpowered for some video tasks.
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    I'm not sure where you've heard a 520 is too weak but I've got first hand experience on a much less powerful integrated on my laptop which can play 1080p movies when I hook it to my tv. The cpu does most of the decoding unless you're post processing.

    AMD cards have actually been shown to have better video playback quality and it doesn't matter that you have intel, it makes no difference.,2844-10.html
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