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My power supply does not have a 8pin connector for the motherboard so i need an adapter, i bought a Startech PCI Express 6pin to 8pin and tried to connect it but the 8pin would not fit into the motherboard, what type of adapter do i need then? (a link to the product on would be appreciated!)

ASROCK 970 Extreme3 Motherboard
Antec 750W Power Supply
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  1. If the PSu has a 4 pin power connector, connect this one to the board's 8-pin one.
  2. its okay now i found and ordered the right one which is this:
  3. i think you don't need an adapter, if you just plug the 4 pin into the 8 pin on one of the sides, i forgot which.

    although the adapter may be useful to increase cable length to re route the cable round the back of the case to improve airflow.
  4. Ill just play it safe and use the 8pin I've ordered when it arrives, thanks.
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