GTX 560 Ti... is it a good card?

So I'm building a new PC, and I'm having a hard time choosing a graphics card for it. But I think I finally found one, the GTX 560 Ti.

I hear it can run all games on max settings with great to decent FPS. Throw the great price on top of that and I couldn't ask for more.

In your opinion, is this a good card for someone making a hardcore gaming build? I don't see a point in getting a better card if this can handle everything. Also, do you think the EVGA version of this card is a good choice? It has much better reviews than the seemingly more popular MSI Twin Frozr II.

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  1. Both are great cards and either one would be a great buy. I would honestly get the EVGA. The MSI card is great as well, but you must have good airflow in your case if you really want it to be cool and quiet. And honestly, EVGA just seems to have better customer care service, and with a forum full of members willing to help you when you need, it's worth it.
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