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Hi - new forum member. I have a Gateway GT5414E computer. Stock, it has 2 DDR2 DIMMS, PC2 4200, 1GB each for a total of 2G. I bought 2 ea. PC 5300 sticks because my understanding was that the faster ram could run at the slower speed. I have not been successful in installing the memory, at least not both sticks. Here are the results of various attempts:
1) Installed two new PC 5300 sticks in spare slots. Motherboard beeps when powered up - won't boot.
2) Removed original ram and installed new PC 5300 sticks in same slots. Computer boots fine.
3) Moved new PC 5300 sticks to the other 2 slots (originally empty). Computer boots fine.
4) Returned original memory to original slots. If I install one new PC 5300 stick in either of the remaining slots, computer boots fine and shows 3GB memory. Both new sticks are recognized in this manner (one at a time).

BIOS settings (Phoenix) for RAM speed are "auto" or "limit speed to 400, 533, 667, 800". Setting when I started was "auto". I have tried "limit to 533" and "limit to 400" with same results. Since original memory is 533Mhz, I did not see the need to try any higher.

Any ideas why the motherboard doesn't like old ram + 2 sticks new PC 5300 at the same time? The PC 5300 brand is Kingston.

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  1. Sorry - forgot to mention the OS is Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit.
  2. Hello:hello:

    If you are still facing the issue with the memory then I would like you to try the following:

    #. Reset the CMOS battery.
    #. Update the BIOS to the latest version.
    #. Try installing the memory after the BIOS update.
    Also make sure the voltages are the same for all the 1GB modules. Hope that helps.
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