Non-stop BSOD (link to dumps)

I'm pleading for any suggestions anyone might have. The problem I'm having is my computer restarts after the BIOS splash screen like 3-4 times before it actually boots into windows. Even then, I'll get a different BSOD after I try to log into windows. The 6th or 7th reboot will finally work and let me into windows, but then I'll occasionally get BSOD that are different and seemingly related to the graphics card.

Above is a link to all of the BSOD incidents I've had in the last couple of days. None of those include the reboots before windows is even reached, nor do I think they include the crashes that happen right after I log into windows.

All I'm asking is what direction do you think I should take in diagnosing this problem.

My first thought of course was the graphics card, and so I'm already preparing to send it back for a replacement. But, I'm also trying the memory sticks. My comp consists of 4 x4 gigabyte sticks. 3 are g-skill (2 blue and 1 red, all 1333mhz) and the last a kingston (also 1333mhz or 12800) . If I take out all but the 2 blue sticks, Memtest runs fine with no errors.

However, if I use any combination of any other sticks (the kingston by itself, the red g-skill by itself, the kingston/red g-skill, and all 4 together) Memtest does not work. By that I mean as soon as the memtest screen begins to load, the computer reboots itself.

Has anyone ever had a problem even remotely similar to mine? Any thoughts or ideas would be extremely appreciated. Even if the motherboard has gone bad, if I'm sure it's the motherboard I'll be happy to replace it, the same with any of the memory sticks. I also have another graphics card I'm going to try out tonight, but I'm not optimistic that that is the only problem.

please help!


Comp specs are:
i5-2500 CPU
Seagate 500g Barracuda
16g ram (3 g-skill (1 red, 2 blue) and 1 kingston)
Sata DVD-R
Gigabyte ATI Radeon 6850 1gz Graphics Card (I also have an MSI 6950 that I've shelved because the 6850 is more compatible with Mac OS X, I might switch them out to see if the windows stability improved even if it means not being able to use my OS X drive)
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  1. Update just in case anyone will bless me with his/her wisdom. I have not tried running cleansweeper or any of the other programs to completely remove all ati drivers from my system and do a fresh install, however the windows installation I'm using is less than 2 weeks old. I've been trying to setup a redundant windows drive and have resorted to simply doing a fresh windows install with all my apps and then cloning that drive and keeping the clone in a safe place.

    So I just wanted to say that I'm pretty sure it's not because my Windows version is old (Windows 7 btw) or my graphic drivers are old. I've updated both of those as much as possible and re-installed windows from scratch.

    Thanks again to anyone who might take the time to read this and give their input. Thank you!
  2. I am upgrading to a GA-A55M-DS2 MB, and have discovered that Windows7 (64-bit) will "run" as an existing os on the new board-- but the Gigibyte DRIVERS are NOT so accommodating. Please try to do a "clean" install of your Windows7 os, then re-install your MB drivers, as well as any other programs (printers, etc). This may well solve your issue-----------it did fix my problem.
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