Why cant i play any dvd's on my laptop>

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  1. you need a dvd player software
  2. Use VLC, almost all other players you have to buy because of licensing fees demanded by the DVD licensing association, but VLC just gives them the middle finger and will play any disc from any region and let you skip "unskippable" trailers and anti piracy warnings, all for free.

  3. vlc ...
  4. Hi

    If you have Win 8 Pro Microsoft will give you a free copy of their DVD player software
    the offer will expire soon and then it will be for sale

    Only a few versions of Vista & 7 had the free DVD player included
    only one version of XP had the DVD player included

    many major PC manufacturers supply DVD player software with any laptop or PC with a DVD drive
    so you may not realise this is not part of your Windows from Microsoft

    advice on alternative free program included above by others


    Mike Barnes
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