Asus P8Z77-V LX - Won't Boot & Red L.E.D


So I am no computer expert, but I have been having some problems since installing an extra case fan. The extra fan is the same make and model (coolermaster) as the one that came from manufacturer. Since I installed it the computer won't boot. The fans, lights, hard drive, everything powers up for about a second and then stops. Sometimes, when I keep trying, it will boot just fine and work. I have attached a video so you can see what is going on.

I removed the CPU fan when I installed the new fan, and have installed it back into place, I know enough to be albe to do that correctly. Could it be this?

Aparently it could be some wires someone touching the case or the mobo but I don't see any signs of this.

Then, when recording the video I got the RED DRAM L.E.D come on and then starting flashing when it finally booted. What is going on?!! :fou:

Also I am using 8gb carry ram. Its standard speed (not 1600)
And an Intel Core i5 3570k overclocked @ 4.4Ghz

Here is the link: (10 mins left uploading time)

Thanks for your help
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  1. When you removed and re-installed the CPU fan did you remove and then clean the thermal grease between the CPU and Heatsink, and then re-apply new compound?

    If so, how much did you put on?

    Your problem sounds exactly like it could be because of that.
  2. Thanks

    I will put new thermal compound on now and tell you how it goes.
  3. Make sure you clean both the heatsink and the CPU with rubbing alcohol before applying new compound.

    Also, make sure you put a *very* thin layer on. It should almost be transparent.
  4. that is memok, press the button and it will load pre set settings to help you boot, just push the button
  5. also make sure your cpu is may have pulled it slightly out of the cpu sockett.
  6. Hey,

    So I replaced the Thermal Compound with new stuff. I used a small pee size in the middle, then applied the cooler on top to spread it out evenly. I was recommended by PC World to not spread it using a credit card or something.

    Still same problem. Flickers on then off.
  7. Once I turn the power off, and the L.E.D goes off on the mobo, I can then try and power up again. After it fails, pressing the power button does absolutely nothing. I have to turn the power off again in order to try and boot it up.

    I have tried it with another 700w PSU which is exactly the same as the one in my current build, and the same problem, so pretty sure its not PSU
  8. Reset your BIOS, it could be instability with your current OC.

    If resetting your BIOS works, then you can start working on OCing it again.
  9. Righto,

    I will try that. So this will make my CPU run standard clock? And I need to overclock it again afterwards?
  10. Ok,

    I have removed the button battery from the mobo and I am leaving it for 10 minutes. Is this right?
  11. Removing the battery did not work. Same problem
  12. I also moved the jumper from the 1st and 2nd pin to the 2nd and 3rd, and back again
  13. Also, pressing the MemOK button does nothing. I can't get it to boot now
  14. Got computer to boot. Now there is no video? This is going from bad to worse
  15. Simple solution. Needed fan controller. I was drawing too much power using fan splitters and mobo.
  16. Well, that was easy. Glad you got it figured out!
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