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I like to go against the norm. I am bored with the cases out there. I like the expensive cases, but I am not willing to drop 300+ on a case. So this is what I am looking at. I want to build an open air case. Don't want to buy one, I want to build one. I have one in mind. However all I hear is, "dust is bad, don't go open air". The fans will get dirty, you can't get rid of the hot air fast enough without cross convection. So here is my question. Can I run it on just fans or should I go with liquid cooled? Recommendations on fans for air and systems for water would be appreciated. Like I said, I am determined to do open air kinda like a testbench. So cases aren't in the picture.

I am looking at AM3+ 990 fx board (brand recommend?) and a phenom ii x4 830 until I decide on a bulldozer or other am3/am3+ socket CPU. Any recommendations on hardware would be appreciated too. Looking at 8 gb RAM gskill 1600 or higher. 1tb hdd 7200rpm 6gb/s, 6770 Gpu (crossfire later), blu ray writer, no idea on PSU. All is subject to change but that's what I have in mind right now. I plan on building in the next couple weeks.

Open air setup will be a mod/similar to testbench.
No idea about liquid cooling brands or kits so advice on that would be great. Plus if you think I should liquid cool the gpu please state that as well.

General usage. I am a gamer, not hardcore mostly WoW, UT3, etc. But if I get into it more I want the system to be ready to handle it. Little video editing here and there nothing major.

Thanks everyone in advance.
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  1. Hello kenmore1981;

    Nothing wrong with what you're looking at or the direction you're going.

    Have you set a budget for this project?
    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started.
  2. The comp hardware I am looking at about 600-700. Box I will be building. Not sure on the cooling. I would like to stay within 200 for the cooling if possible but I have no idea how much that stuff runs. I guess overall including liquid cooling I would like to be around $1000 or less.
  3. I guy showed pics of a "case" he was using in here a couple of years ago .

    Plastic washing basket .

    Everything held in place using cable ties .
    Then he hung it on a nail on the wall .
    Looked surprisingly good , worked perfectly , and little kids couldnt put their finger into anything because it was out of reach .

    Good luck
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