Will my CPU bottleneck a GTX 560 Ti?

Hey guys.

I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 560 Ti.

The rest of my system is ~2.5 years old and I am wondering if it will able to run the card.
My major concer is that the CPU will bottleneck the card or the mobo will not be adequate.

System info:
Intel Core Duo E8500 (3.16GHz) CPU
4G Ram
550W PSU

Thats it I guess.

What ever advice is offered I will really appreciate.
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  1. Nope you should be ok and if you want to can overclock it a lil bit or invest in aftermarket cooling to overclock it even more if you want to but for most part no it wont bottleneck it but if you overclock you will FPS incressement specialy for CPU heavy games
  2. I prefer the Duo for gaming really.
  3. Probalb tnor cus its above 3ghz , if you can overclock do it.

    games like cod and battlefield will run fine

    but open world games like gta and fallour benefit from a newer quad core
  4. Your system is just fine if your monitors resolution is 1680 x 1050 or higher. Also NVIDIA's cards performance are usually CPU dependent where as AMD's cards are less dependent on the CPU factor. Since you have a Core 2 Duo i recommends AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB over GTX 560 Ti :non: . Radeon HD 6950 offers slightly more performance and consumes less power than GTX560Ti...
  5. Quote:
    at 1680*1050,
    you dont need either card,
    just get a HD6850 or 6870

    ^ ditto.
  6. yes the CPU may bottleneck the overall performance when upgrading to GTX 560ti, as suggested try to get a quad core CPU, you can't play Crysis 2 @ max settings with a dual core CPU cuz you'll find a lag of performance ... you should worry about that.
    another important thing you must know, if you have a garbage PSU throw it away cuz it might fire out your GPU and MOBO once at a time.
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