Drivers for ck8 dragon plus motherboard

does anyone know were to get them
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  1. What specific drivers do you need? Generic drivers are available for everything on that mobo. You don't need anything specifically from Soyo with the exception of BIOS updates (and since this mobo is so old, the point is likely moot for updates anyway).
  2. i need the chipset and sm bus controller and bios were do i get the drivers
  3. For what operating system?

    That mobo uses an Nvidia nForce 3 150 chipset. Drivers for that can be found at:

    Use product type as Legacy and then select nForce 3 series. Those drivers should include the SMBus controller as well.

    If the mobo works otherwise, you should leave the BIOS alone. There are some sites that claim to have the BIOS, but why take the risk of killing the mobo or getting malware from the sites.
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