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I have recently had a problem with my computer
(HD 4670, 2.2 AMD dual-core 4200+, 2g ddr2 ram)
it freezes at fairly regular intervals and I am an enthusiastic gamer so this doesn't really work for me
I had the 4670 pci-e installed recently because there was a problem with my old video card. I noticed the process "interupts" rises to around 28.7 during the influxes and I have tried a great many "solutions" none of which have worked. If i don't have to pay someone to fix it that would be fantastic. PS sorry if this is the wrong category as I am not sure what causes the problem (I think this falls under displays :) )
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  1. Nothing too draining, HAWX, Justcause 1, BfBC 2 on low, CODMW2 med high, halo2 modded for XP all a 1600X900
  2. When a computer freezes people normally assume the problem is with the video card. It might be because your computer is waiting for a texture from your hard drive. How long since you defraged your drive?
  3. Probably a while, but its not just during games, it happens even when im doing nothing
  4. A larger drive might be needed: When a drive is more than 80-90% full, it starts to run out of places to put stuff, it begins to thrash. And not being defraged in a while... Well! How many add-ons do you have running in the background? Check your startup folder and remove the crapware. This also could be a sign of malware/trojans. Microsoft has an excellent and free antivirus ( that, unlike some others, wont bog your computer down. A faster cpu, a little more memory.
  5. ok ill have a go, my hard drive is only around 50% full and i just defragged it
  6. i have latest drivers, it is defragged and hard drive is nowhere near full, and its just getting worse, any other ideas?
  7. It was second hand, but it wasn't defective, and my PSU had ample power, so I'm at a loss :(
  8. ok i actually fixed this a while ago but forgot to post anything. basically i called a friend up who fixes and builds computers and he helped me fix it, i had the computer set on ATI sound drivers which werent actually attacted to my speaker, so i chnged to realtek audio and it worked, but this was only temporay, as i speak the blasted computer is at it again....
  9. Fixed it again, turned out it was my computer trying to use a faulty WIFI card, so i disabled in device manager
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