Phenom ii x2 vs i3-2100

i admit i dont know much about processors, so...

how is an i3-2100 faster than a Phenom ii x2 550? from my understanding, the phenom ii can be unlocked to 4core (better than i3 2core), and it had the same clock rate (3.1 GHz). And it is a lot cheaper. What makes the i3 a better one for gaming?

please help me understand. also, if the i3 is better, is it a significant difference?
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  1. Hello mahin1islam;

    The Phenom ii x2 550 might unlock to 4 cores. And might run stable. And you might be able to overclock all four cores and still run stable.
    But you'd have to get lucky 3 times for all that to happen. Once for each core to unlock and run stable and once for the overclocking.
  2. Get a Phenom II X4 960t
  3. Should you choose Core i3-2100, its worth for gaming and Core i3-2100 consume less power (65W rather Phenom X2 550 85W). So, Core i3-2100 better than Phenom X2-550
  4. Power efficiency doesn't make a chip better, it makes it more efficient ant thats it. On performance a X2 is very old technology and is hence slower than the i3, At the pricepoint and for not much extra a X4 960T Zosma can be aquired which is a quad with potential to unlock to a hex core. If you are able to go that route then it will be better than a i3 route, if not then get a I3 paired on a H61 motherboard, low cost and decent performance
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