ASUS Z8NA-D6 - what RAM?

I'm attempting to build some high performance computers for rendering 3D images. I've never built a computer before, so it's all a bit of a challenge, but I have some knowledge about how they work, but putting it into practice is a different matter!

Before I ordered all the parts, I just want to check something out, as these are going to be dual processor machines and due to the price, the ASUS Z8NA-D6 motherboard seems to be the best choice. I'd like to put 24GB of RAM onto the board, using 6 x 4GB sticks.

From doing a bit of research, it appears that the motherboard needs triple channel RAM?

I've found some Corsair memory that looks OK to me, but before I go and order it, I'd just like to get some more experienced opinion on it.

Corsair Memory XMS3 12GB DDR3 1333 MHz CAS 9 Triple Channel Desktop
CMX12GX3M3A1333C9 - 12GB (3x4GB) Corsair XMS3, DDR3 PC3-10666 (1333) Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 9-9-9-24, 1.5V

Would this work?!
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  1. Hi, Corsair doesn't list compatible kits for the board. It doesn't mean that they would not work.
    You can google for "Z8NA-D6 and CMX12GX3M3A1333C9". See if you can find working configurations.
    If not, Crucial does list guaranteed compatible kits for the board:
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