Memory fully compatible with Mobo???

This is the memory that i am planning on using for my new system.

This is the mobo i am planning on using.

I feel like i made a huge mistake by getting the quad channel memory for the dual channel motherboard. I just want to know that i will be able to use this ram to its full potential on this motherboard with an i7 3770k processor and that i wont need to go and buy some different ram because i forgot to check the compatibility on the Asus spreadsheet. I know that's what i should have done first but now that i have already ordered it will i be able to use it?

Also if someone would be able to give me some sort of better understanding in what the difference of dual channel memory and quad channel memory in a dual channel motherboard that would also be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Quad channel means the four ram sticks came out of the same batch and should run well together. It may be a plus when populating all 4 ram slots. I buy whichever is on sale; either 2 sets of dual channel, or one set of quad channel. The ram you linked should be fine. Some folks select low profile ram if they have large video cards that may overlap the ram slots near the edge.
  2. Thank you sir. Gentleman and a scholar.
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