Radeon HD 7000 specs leaked

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  1. Interesting, however I see no reason to upgrade from my HD 5850; it provides me with enough performance for a 1920x1200 monitor.
  2. The power consumption of the 7970 is making some nvidia cards look rather tame or normal than before. :o

    I am liking the 7850 though ;)

    EDIT: XDR2 that is Rambus!!
  3. Is there any release date yet?
  4. My thoughts.

    1) The "new" 7870 and 7850 are pretty much identical spec wise to the 6970 and 6950. They just have faster clocks and lower power figures. These are not upgrade cards.

    2) I'm not sure how good the 7670 and 7650 cards will be. They both have less "radeon cores" then the 4870 and 5770. (800 each) They have more then the 720 cores of the 5750, and I'm assuming that the clocks are a lot higher. The best thing to say about these is the 60W power draw. 4870/5770 level(ish) performance WITHOUT a PCIe connecter.

    3) The new high end 7970/7950 seems weird. I thought generation next wasn't supposed to come out for awhile. I thought all 7 series cards were supposed to be VLIW4. The odd core counts would seem to agree. The other odd thing I see which NF4max pointed out was the XDR2 ram. Considering the effort that AMD put into GDDR5, I don't see why they would dump it.
  5. nforce4max said:
    The power consumption of the 7970 is making some nvidia cards look rather tame or normal than before. :o

    I am liking the 7850 though ;)

    EDIT: XDR2 that is Rambus!!

    I don't really follow your statement about the 7970 making Nvidia cards look tame. IMO for the top of the line single cored GPU its quite respectable considering that the current GTX 580 is 244 watts, and the 6970 that its replacing is 250 watts.

    That being said 2 extra radeon cluster + a clock increase of 50mHz really equals a difference of 40 watts?

    I also wouldn't mind betting that the 7870 and 7850 might actually outperform the 7970 and 7950 in pure gaming performance. They share almost identical specifications to the current 6900 class (at higher clocks). IMO the dual processor config for gaming enthusiasts should be based of the 7870 instead of the 7970.

    Overall I can't wait for a HTPC build with AMD Trinity and the 7000 series Radeons!!!

    P.S.: XDR2 Memory should offer significantly better performance than GDDR5 for the GPU compute applications that AMD is aiming at with the 7900 series. If you are doing Video Editing, or 3-D modelling a 7970 + Bulldozer would make an awesome system that could game too.

    ^^ also from above, The Radeon cores used in the 4000 and 5000 series cannot be compared to the VLIW4 architecture used in the 7000 series. This VLIW4 is comparable to the 6900 series for better Tessellation performance and GPU compute.

    Also the GCN in the 7900 series is AMD's answer to FERMI. Like the 6900 series was split over the VLIW4 and VLIW5 architectures (for 6900 and 6800(+ lower) respectively) the 7000 series is going to use 2 different architectures. This is probably due to the TRINITY APU already using VLIW4 and thus requiring Hybrid crossfire support.

    The GPU compute is good for other workloads on the GPU like Rendering and Video Encoding.
  6. I cant wait to see XDR2 in action.

    You would think AMD would optimize the gpu architecture/up the memory interface for XDR2
  7. Hopefully the GCN can handle independent processing from the CPU. I've heard talk and maybe it's finally here.

    I am torn right now because I'm just about to upgrade for the next round of games this fall/winter, but now I may have to wait just a bit more.... :(
  8. I'm itching to upgrade from my 5870 but I'm guessing the prices will be too high for me to buy when just released.

    Any ideas on release date? Hopefully before december
  9. nforce4max said:
    The power consumption of the 7970 is making some nvidia cards look rather tame or normal than before. :o

    I am liking the 7850 though ;)

    EDIT: XDR2 that is Rambus!!

    Yes, although the 7950 is looking like it might kick some serious ass with 64 ROPS and 1920 shaders, the 7850 is essentially a much cooler, noticeably faster 6970, and it'll probably somewhere in the area of ~$250 based on a projection of AMD's usual price lineup. I think I may just return the 6950 I just bought before it's too late (last day to return it is today!) and wait for the 7850, and possibly get a second one once there's been at least one price drop and crossfire them.
  10. johnners2981 said:
    I'm itching to upgrade from my 5870 ...

    I would love a 5870! ...I still only have a 4870!
  11. Does anyone have any links or rumors on what changes the rumored GCN architecture brings?
  12. I was going to say that this slide was wrong. AMD gave us the northern isles and was supposed to give us southern isles later. But TSMC had issues with the next node and AMD gave us what they could squeeze into NI from the SI by switching to VLIW4. We were supposed to get the full SI next, and then NGC.

    But according to this link that's all out the window. NGC will come next, no full SI ever.

  13. Thank you for that link. Very interesting (and I hope true for the upcoming 7000 series).
  14. I'm not sure how much I want it to be true. When we got NI they said more was coming with the launch of the SI. When we got the 6 series, they said we got some of it but more was coming. IF NGC does come next, we'll never know what SI could have gave us. If NGC performs well, perhaps they could clue us in as to what they were planning with SI. I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, but I can't help but feel cheated that this "great" chip was promised us and they made no attempt to deliver.
  15. Well, I am very interested in the GPU compute field, which right now is practically a monopoly by NVidia. I guess we'll know (somewhat) soon.
  16. To be honest this will be like missing those promised 10GHz P4s. NGC will come out and we won't care what SI could have been. I'm a bit worried AMD might need to sacrifice some FPS to allow better computing. As long as the game performance stays close to what Nvidia can do we'll be fine.
  17. As said the 7870 and 7850 are pretty much identical spec wise to the 6970 and 6950 just shrunk is all, so naturally they are running that bit faster.
    Also as said do i really want/ need a new card ?
    I said a while ago on these forums that AMD need a home run performance VS price wise to get people to upgrade again. What's needed is for the 7850 to out perform the 6950 but be cheaper. It wont happen i know but all that's going to happen is people with a 5850 or above will say sod off im not paying that, or those below that will snap up cheaper 6870 cards as bargain upgrades.
    I have always run ATI hardware but if as seems probable AMD price themselves out of the reasonably priced market again im going to be forced to go Nvidia

    I'm in the UK so that's the price base im using. If your not and its better for you then lucky you. Here 560 Ti CUII £180 6950 £210. Not rocket science is it once the prices drop in reaction to the launch i can upgrade my 5 series card to a card capable of out performing a 6970 for about £150 while the new card will be roughly the same and about £200.

    Mactronix :)
  18. yep guys the 1 screen time is over u need at least 20 screens to make great use of those cards might aswell remove the walls from your house so u got enough room to sleep somewhere :pt1cable:
  19. 8000 mhz XDR2???
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