The search for a new motherboard

im concidering a new motherboard with 8 sata ports, and looking for one with spesified things gone
it should have no IDE-connection(thing should have been gone a long time ago.)
the old mouse and keyboard dead and gone USB only
usefull and effective placements of PCIe (my graphic-card blocks two perfectively usefull ones, angers me as hell and rest is used or occupied by other things.
and also compatible with all the things below(f.eks heatsink not blocking ram and so on)
i dont need to mention a budgetlimit, because at the moment i have the money to spend.

this my build at the moment:
windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1
Corsair SSD Force Series 3, 120GB 2.5"
Western Digital® Desktop Black 1TB x1
Western Digital Caviar® Green? 2TB x3
Nvidia Geforce GTX 480(Zalman VF3000F GTX480 GPU-heatsink)
ASUS Xonar D2X/XDT, 7.1 channel
Corsair A70 CPU heatsink
AMD phenom II X6 1055T processor 2.80GHz
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 8GB CL8
Fractal design XL
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  1. it is very nice yes, but only problem i will get with it is the 8-pin CPU powerconnector
    it will be to close too the fan at the top of the factal design XL it not placed horizontaly it is tilted in an angle
  2. well most boards nowadays are like that.
  3. well i can change to another fan with less thickness, anyway i know i can deal with it.
    another thing is the placement of the PCI Express x1 is to close to the upper PCI-Express 2.0 x16, i need one with the PCI Express x1 placed lower or above the upper PCI-Express 2.0 x16.
  4. assuming your video card is dual slot, there is enough space for a x1 card to slot right in under the pci-e x16 slot. also, a x1 card works fine in the bottom x16 slot
  5. the Zalman VF3000F GTX480 GPU-heatsink is a bit huge takes up two PCI slots below the GPU
  6. my mainplan is to have atleast two other slots available for other purposes like a wireless network card and another thingy, the ekstra sata ports is future planning
  7. so does it take up 2 slots or 3 slots worth on your case?
  8. first the PCI it utilises the the heatsink stands in the way of two PCI slots above
  9. i mean below
  10. ok then. its a 2 slot card. it should fit fine
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