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Hi,just build my new rig and i got a problem.Im got GTX 570 in SLI ,i5-2500k,8gb ram,2x HDD,blu-ray rom,water pump,maximus gene-z mobo there are also 6 fans connected to the motherboard.Im got EZCOOL Ambiance 80+ 800w PSU,im useing 2x 6pin PCI connectors and 4x Molex connectors (with converters to 6pin PCI)to power the graphic cards.The problem is when i run this setup in SLI mode the computer shuts down after around 5 minutes of playing BF3,3Dmark2011 or few other games :( When i use just one card everything is ok,i can play for hours.What could be the reason for this???is my PSU to weak???Please help
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  1. Yes. I'm afraid that is one of those 800W PSUs that isn't 'really' an 800W PSU. A good quality 800W PSU would probably do the job. Use the PSU calculator below to judge your needs and then purchace a quality unit. 2 x GTX 570s require lots of steady amperage at a staed +12V when stressed out during gaming.
  2. Psu calculator show me 777W,so it looks like that i need a new PSU :( anoter $$$$ needs to spend :( THX for help
  3. A quality 850W PSU would be fine. The problem with your PSU is that it isn't able to supply your system with 800W of power in real world conditions. This is why you don't buy those cheapo PSUs.
  4. Hang on to the cheapie PSU for out-of-case testing in the future. If you build or modify computers often, it's handy to have an extra PSU for bench testing boards, etc. If that's not your thing, there's always eBay to sell it on and recoup some of your loss...
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