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I need a gfx card that plays all the latest games. This is a beginner rig, with a Q6600, and assortment of recycled computer parts like a G31m-s motherboard with a max 4gb 667mhz ddr2 memory. I would like a GFX card that caries on into my next rig but I also want it under £100. In fact, I found an XFX 6750 for £67. Is this good enough for the latest games? If spending an extra £30 would make it future proof then I would consider spending it. It must be DX11, and I would prefer GDDR5. Also, if anyone can find it cheaper than £67 I would appreciate that. Would any part of my rig bottleneck anything else?
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  1. Also my power is 600w. Is this acceptable for the card?
  2. What resolution will you play at?
  3. Prob 1920 x 1200 when I get a better monitor. For now I might use my TV so 1920 x 1080.
  4. The HD 6750 will run all games fine at that resolution - just dont expect to max out every game with it.
  5. what about msi n460gtx?
  6. Unless you overclock that CPU, the GTX 460 will be bottlenecked.
  7. Overclock to 3ghz min
  8. There will still be bit of a bottleneck,but you should be able to max out most games, but not games like Crysis, Metro 2033 etc.

    Get the 1 GB version.
  9. Also, if the PCI e x1 and PCI e x 16 slots are separated by just a row of capacitors, would there be space to fit a gfx card and something in the x1 slot?
  10. Depends on which card you decide to buy.
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