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Is 550W PSU sufficient?

Evening all,

I'm upgrading to a quad-monitor setup for data analysis and basic program usage (MS Office, SPSS, etc). I'm not planning on doing any gaming or overclocking. Here's a link to a list of components inside right now:

I ordered a second graphics card to add to my system ( and am wondering if my current PSU is capable of running everything without overloading. Of course, neither card will be using SLI...just basic output to four separate monitors.

Here's the current PSU:

Will it be able to power all those components plus the second video card I mentioned???

Thanks in advance! :)
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    Well i don't think power supply will be an issue both cards are low power and power is supplied via mobo slots.
  2. That PSU is more than enough for your system + upgrades.
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  4. Installed the second graphics card yesterday...everything's stable and running fine... :D

    Thanks for the advice!
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