System would not start up, possible CPU failure

Hi there...

I have a homebuilt system that has been working for 6 months now, however just a couple days ago, the whole system just shutdown during usage. Everytime I try to start it up again, it just turns on for a split second and turns off again, not starting up again. When the powersupply is active, the Mobo LED light is on, everything seems functional until I power it up. There has been instances before the problem, when the computer would have light flicker and abnormal fan speeds on start-up only to power down and start normally after, and I believe that could have attributed to the problem.

I ran some test...

Switching PSUs - fail to start, PSU is not the cause of problem

ONLY plugging in the 24-pin connector and "power-on" plug - starts up, all fans functional, Mobo does not seem to be the problem

Plugging everything to the new powersupply - fails to start

Plugging 24-pin connector including CPU power - fails to start

It seems to be that the CPU failed, however i really doubt it, as it was only 3 months old. I wonder if it was static electricity that had killed the computer.

I want to ask if it really could be static electricity that had killed the CPU or could be some plugs from the PSU or Mobo that is causing all this frustration.

Oh yeah, I also reseated part of the computer...

Intel 2500k 3.3ghz
ASUS P8Z68-Pro
(Original) OCZ 600W powersupply
(Replace) Antec 650W Earthwatts powersupply
I think that is all the information needed if any other information is needed, feel free to ask.

Thank you for the response, and I hope to get it running again with your help! :)
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  1. Boot with just your PSU, CPU with heatsink, and MoBo. If it beeps, everything is good. Then add the RAM. Beeps, it's good, no beeps, it's your RAM that's the issue.
  2. I had the same problem you just described, turns out it was my graphics card. I thought I would have gotten audio warnings (beeps) but the guy I asked still suggested I try a different graphics card; turns out he was right. If you can borrow a card to try it couldn't hurt.
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