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hi im new to the forum and sorry if there is already another post about this but i cant view the forum properly. everything is crammed the the right of my screen with the ads overlapping on the text im trying to read so i end up with a very thin are where the text is displayed in single word columns. is this soem setting or can you fix this .
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  1. Hove you tried Firefox? This site seems to work better on it. Though as to what is causing that problem, I don't know.
  2. Interesting.
    I get the same issue when using IE 7 at work.
    It only happens when I am in the forum, though.
    When I am logged into the standard US site, everything works fine....

    Unfortunately I am pretty much forced to use the mirror.
    Perhaps it is because I post from Europe but when I try to log in to the US mirror I am always booted to the UK mirror :??:

    On the up side, my productivity has gone up the past few weeks!
    I end up getting annoyed at reading/posting from the right third of the screen and start doing some actual work :lol:
  3. Also, the mirror seems to be permanently out of sync in regards to best answers and badges (seems like they are applied to each mirror separately).
    Not really that big of an issue, the badges are kinda a silly idea anyways.
    Just so, seems kinda odd...
  4. im getting this problem to just started a week or so ago immmmmmm :(
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