Computer turns on but no monitor display. Need urgent help!

Ok ill try to explain everything that happend as shortly as possible. S im online and i get a w32 worm blaster. I restore the computer a couple days back. Then i run my antivirus install spybot and delete all infiltrations found. Computer seems to work fine after that but it seems to run a little slow still. Then i go and try to install windows updates. It was loading forever and i had to go. So i turn off my computer then i turn it back on and then while the system boots the image of my motherboard pops up like it usually does when it turns on but this time it gets stuck on it. So i restart and same thing happens. I restart and then all i hear is BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP and it is constant. So here is everything i did.

Removed ram. Cleaned it and inserted it back in.

Took out my CPU cleaned it put new thermal paste on and put it back in.

Took my graphics card out cleaned it put it back in.

Dusted off all the motherboard and all slots with air.

Unplug all cords and blow in the slots then plug them back in.

Now.... i turn the computer back on and my fans are on full blast. Its going much much faster than they did before. And on the computer the red light stays on constant. And of course no display on monitor. Now im out of ideas.

Need help asap guys. I work on my computer and i need it up and running. Any on what can be wrong here????
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  1. did you reconnect both power leads to the motherboard?

    the continuous beep may have indicated the board wasnt getting power or there was a short
  2. Yeah, both power leads are connected and they were connected the whole time. This all happend when i RS the comp. First RS the monitor was stuck on the motherboard display. Then once i RS the 3rd time b/c it kept getting stuck there was no monitor display what so ever.
  3. Could it be the video card or maybe the motherboard?
  4. How many PCI-E power connectors are on your PSU? Try a couple of different ones to see if that's the problem.
  5. Not sure, i think there is like 2. I will try it right now.
  6. what kind of mobo/bios do you have? a constant beep is usually a post code for having undetectable ram, which means that either the board is fried or some/all your ram is.

    i dont think this is related to the virus/bug though...
  7. The long constant beep was only when i restarted the comp the 3rd time. It didnt happen when i RS the comp twice before because it got stuck on the mobo image. So once i RS the third time nothing popped up on my screen and the constant beep came. Now when i turn on the comp there is no beep what so ever and there is no image on monitor either.
  8. do you have a graphics card or integrated graphics? if you have a card, pull it out and try using just the onboard.
  9. I have a 7950gtx geforce. What do you mean by pulling it out and just using it on the board?
  10. instead of using your graphics card and connecting that to the monitor, take it out of your computer completely and use the ports on your motherboard to connect to your monitor.
  11. Where are the ports at? I don' think i have ever seen a place where i can plug it in.
  12. what are kind of computer is this and what are the specs?
  13. Ok guys im not sure what i just did. But i took the computer apart completely and re built it step by step. And it seemed to fix the issue. So at this point im not sure on what the problem was but taking it apart and putting everything back together fixed the issue. Thank you so much to the people who responded!
  14. most likely the graphics card or ram just wasnt being seated probably, but glad to know that your computer works fine now :)
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