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ati vs nvidia which card should i choose at 190$

there are a lot of cards to choose from at this range but the main problem is distinguishing the best graphics card should it be ati or nvidia both of the cards have their own features but with nvidia's physx and other cool features it can be easily thought that nvidia is way ahead of ati just like intels 2nd generation processors are ahead of phenom processors.But is it right to think ? so i want to ask the toms hardware community to give some light at the burning question


guys please tell me the issues you faced with the cards.

i will be very happy if you reffer me a card at around 190$.
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  1. At this price range your gonna want to go with a nvidia, anything under 200 your better off with an amd card. the best 200 dollar card right know is a

    its 230 after rebates and you get the batman game free :)

    If you really are on the amd side then i would recomend the 6870 but the nvidia card is MUCH better.
  2. the EVGA card come with a lifetime warranty :D
  3. That's a really bad review, and there are plenty of games where the 6870 matches or beats the 560 Ti.

    The 6870 is a little slower but not by much, the question is, is the 560 Ti worth $230 when the 6870 is $155?

    The obvious answer to that is, no it's not even close to being worth it even with the free game.
  4. You can however get this one at about $200

    That's a bit more like it but I'd still take the $155 6870 just, unless I was desperately wanting the batman game.
  5. ^+1 6870 for price/performance all the way
  6. mauler184
    i am not with ati but i just want to distinguish the better card the card you recommended
    is more than my budget and it is also a power hungry and hot card [temperature at full load] so it is not suitable for me .evga cards are not available in my region.
  7. But they key point i forgot was the Lifetime waranty. Ive had friends who give a card in 4 years later and get a better card in return. Im not going to argue about the 6870, its one sexy ass card. But personally i have never had a problem with evga, and the customer support is amazing.
  8. Ahh ok then the 6870 is a better choice :D Cheers!
  9. guys does nvidias physx really do some good ? or it is just a tech spec.when reviewing the ati card i saw there is no shader clock does it not affect ati's performance
  10. Physx is mostly just a marketing trick - hardly any games use it. I think the best thing you can do is get that cheaper 560 Ti if you were planning on buying the batman game anyway. If not the 6870 is just so cheap in comparison while not being a great deal slower.

    The only drawback of the 6870 is it's not a great overclocker so that might be an issue if you were planning on that. It's ok, just not great.
  11. what about NVIDIA CUDA technology ,NVIDIA 3D Vision ,NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology do i really need these features?

    n.b. i do not have multiple display and my monitors display is 1366*768
  12. The basic rule is, if you have to ask what it is then you probably don't need it. Both companies have similar types of technology for example AMD has MLAA, Stream, HD3D, Avivo and Eyefinity to Nvidia's PhysX, Cuda, 3dvision and Purevideo.

    At your resolution even a 6870 is probably overkill btw, you could easily get away with something cheaper like a 6850 or gtx 460.
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    nibir2011 said:
    guys does nvidias physx really do some good ? or it is just a tech spec.when reviewing the ati card i saw there is no shader clock does it not affect ati's performance

    i Wouldn't really worry to much about Physx in games, i use it in 3DS MAX for simulation demolition and stuff, Same with CUDA, most of these technologies just seem to be from their workstation class cards. I prefer NVIDIA cards cas they have these technologies but thats because i use them. I doubt they make a significant difference in games unless the game is optimised for it.
  14. but i want to upgrade my monitor to 1920*1080 after 1 year
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