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This is my setup

I have the ASRock Z77 Extreme4.

I am in BIOS right now and I'm not really sure what to do or change. What should I be doing in this? I assume I need to set the boot priorities. I read that I'm supposed to install the OS on the SSD. I can make the #1 or #2 boot options either the optical drive or my HDD. I assume I would make #1 the optical drive because that's where the boot disc will be, right? Why isn't the SSD a boot option?

Any tips on setting this up are appreciated :)
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  1. no need to change anything.after install os u can change it as 1bootfrom ssd.
  2. but first time it needs to boot from optical drive, right? I am installing it from a disc.
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    System first check dvd/cd for boot if it has no casets present then try another option ssd/hdd for boot. automatically boot 1st time.then after install os set ssd as the 1st boot device to make sure not search for cd/dvd for boot to waste time.
  4. Yes ur right.
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