HD Radeon 5770 Updating problem*severe*

Hi, First time posting here.

I have a Radeon HD 5770 and every time i try and update the drivers from the ones it came with i get severe screen tearing and it was cause the computer to auto restart as well..im not to sure what the problem is i have uninstalled the drivers before installing and i have also tried a new monitor as i heard it might have been that...

thanks for any an all help

win7/AMD Phenom II 6x/ Asus M4A785-M
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  1. when you uninstall the old drivers its best to run something like driver sweeper or driver cleaner to remove bits left over by the uninstaller

    plus try getting the newer driver from the maker of your graphics card rather than nvidia or ati/amd sites
  2. try uninstalling them from safemode.
    incase you dont know how to get into safemode.
    hit F8 a lot of times while booting. select safemode or safemode with networking from the selection screen.
    safemode is just windows without any drivers or programs started.
  3. Yeah it seems ATI/AMD has this issue when upgrading newer versions of ATI Catalyst. It's given me headaches in the past.
  4. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the driver sweeper..the driver seem to have worked..went to look at the new CCC that i can use and notice that my card is completely clocked down to lowest setting..i try to turn up and the problem reappears.. anyone have an idea?

    I can turn the clocks up but whenever i check the *enable AMD overdrive* is when the problem appears
    not sure if turning the clocks up without the box checked does anything as i seem to be newb
  5. try using msi afterburner to overclock--much better than ccc as it also does voltages--fan profiles and other stuff--doesnt need to be a msi card to use it

  6. I have downloaded and tired afterburner .. i am still getting the same thing..is it a defective card?...just not running at what it should be?
  7. which manufacturer is the card? some of them have there own overclocking software--though afterburner usually works

    more likely to be a software issue than a defective card if it wont overclock even a tiny bit
  8. i built my PC on ibuypower.com im not sure of that manufacture or how to check
  9. if you download gpuz it will tell you who makes it under subvendor

  10. the subvendor is ATI AIB (1787)..thanks again for all the help you have been providing..just taking the time to show me these programs are a huge help..thanks again
  11. you are welcome--unfortunately it looks like ati/amd cards dont get the manufacturer picked up by gpuz--nvidia cards tell you if its asus, gigabyte etc who made the card--it may be a powercolour but cant guarantee it
  12. what should i be looking to do now?
  13. not sure what else you can try if afterburner and ccc wont let you overclock--pretty sure its a software problem but other than a clean install of windows or a second hard drive with a clean install or try the card in another pc i cant think of anything else
  14. im quite sure that the manufacture is powercolor
  15. i was able to clock up the speed a bit from the default setting with no problems so far...but although it says its clocked up when i test is Kombuster or the sensor in GPU it says its clocked at below the default

    Current clock set at-910
    Default clock -850
    Sensor and kombuster read at -400
  16. if your not actually stressing the card it will downclock itself for power saving--in idle gpuz reads my card at 405mhz under load it reads at 855mhz
  17. but shouldnt Kombuster be stressing it..it reads that at 99% load
  18. yes it should be stressing it--maybe its just not refreshing the gpu speed--do you get an increase in fps when its overclocked?
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