Monitor not recognized!! HELP!!!?

So i bought my partner the Thermaltake level 10 GT computer case, so he transferred all his stuff (motherboard, PSU, HDD, Driver and graphics card) into the new one from the old one, they all worked just fine before and he has not damaged anything.

But for some reason his monitors (2) arent picking up signal to the tower. we think that he may have just connected something in wrong as it was a while ago he build his other one.

if anyone knows how to plug it all in or any ideas on what may have made it so they arent picking up the signal please anything n everything would be greatful!!!

If it helps, he has an
ASUS M4A78 PRO motherboard,
550W PSU,
Radeon HD 6950 Graphics Card,
500g HDD.

no pins bent either

i might also add the computer is powering up just fine! so were pretty stumped (also no beep when it starts up if that helps)
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  1. any other info u need let me no n ill try to answer
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