Good Motherboard for AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus 3.1GHz?

As the title says i need a decent motherboard that supports that CPU. And First off i should say I am not a computer retard I know a good chunk about computers and im only 16 so give me a break ;) Also I have built a computer myself, Very VERY cheap build with a Celeron E3400 and a ASRock G31m-S. So I have never built or bought an AMD cpu/motherboard so im looking for some advice on that/A recommended one, I don not have a job so of course i have a seriously bad budget. The motherboard needs to be around 40-60(max) cause i also have to buy a new gpu but that comes later on, And if you have a suggestion for one please link it from newegg cause im buying everything there and have always bought everything from them so i trust them. It should also of course be DDR3 im sick of having ddr2(prices are way higher) So im also buying more ram.

So what is going to be in it right away before i get my new GPU/Case/PSU is:

XFX Radeon 5450 512mb(see thats why i want to upgrade it)
*Most Likely 4gb of DDR3 RAM
x1 250GB SATA HDD(Need to upgrade aswell)
x2 160GB IDE HDD
Logisys 480W PSU(Am getting a 485W that has a 6pin connector for the GPU i want later)

So yeah thats about it, Sorry for it being long and boring but i try to be in-depth with this stuff as its my #1 Passion in life . And Thanks in advanced
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