How do you install arctic silver 5 on a FX 8120

I got my stock cooling and im getting a tube of arctic silver 5 my current tems are 30c-40c normally maybe 45c on full load how do i remove my stock pad and install arctic silver 5.
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  1. Use a soft lint free cloth to remove the residual TIM on the CPU top and the HSF base.
    Then dampen the cloth with Isopropyle or rubbing alcohol available at any chemists shop. An clean both the surfaces again, making sure there is no TIM left on either.
    Then insert the CPU on the mobo and lock it down, squeeze a little TIM from the new AS5 tube onto the center of the CPU top , just enough to be able to cover the entire surface when you pres the HSF down onto it.
    Lock down the HSF and take a note of temps again when you start up the rig.

    Read this for a more detailed method...
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