My Computer is Randomly Restarting. Please Help :(

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

I come to you with a mind bending problem, one that is driving me closer and closer to the brink of insanity trying to solve.

As the topic suggests, my computer is randomly restarting. To avoid the usual solutions, I've done all of the following:

- Reset CMOS
- Disabled automatic rebooting (thus no BSOD)
- Plugged the PC into the wall instead of a power strip
- Purchased a (better) PSU and replaced the obviously functioning one
- Ran memtest, no errors
- Reseated the RAM and GPU
- Re-installed Windows 7
- Checked CPU, core and GPU temperatures using several apps, HWMonitor for example, reports the CPU going no higher than 55C at full load
- Ran Hot CPU Tester, no errors detected with the CPU or motherboard (I think it tests the mobo, not quite sure)

There are no patterns to suggest why the PC is rebooting. I played games on HQ last night for hours and it didn't reset. Today, it reset while watching a low quality video.

I'm out of ideas. Please help before I take $900 of metal and plastic outside and see how it stacks up against a moving car.

Thanks in advance :(
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  1. what is your computers specifications?
  2. MSI 970A-G45
    AMD Phenom II x6 3.0 ghz
    16GB Corsair DDR3
    XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB
    WD 2TB
    Corsair 850w PSU
    Antec 900 case
  3. when it restarts, does it go through the normal windows restart (i.e., does it close all your programs, log out, give you the little spinner saying "restarting..." etc)? or does it just black out and then reboot? if the latter, do you get a "windows did not shutdown properly" dialog or something like that when you log back in?
  4. It blacks out and I get the dialog where I just start Windows normally.
  5. ok well i dont think that your outlet or psu is the problem, considering that it starts back up after it shuts down. have you tried running it without any pci cards or anything of the sort attached?
  6. No and my GPU is the only PCI card attached. Is there anything else to do besides that? I have no idea how to replicate the problem other than to just use my PC so I'd rather do something else than have to use on-board for 2-3 days >_>
  7. if you wanna test the gpu, try stress testing software like furmark. in the meantime, i think i will sleep on this problem before i propose anything else ;) haha
  8. For when you wake up:

    I assume that's good, if only because the PC survived the benchmark without rebooting. Back to square one.
  9. My friend had a similar issue. Run some tests on your HDD, there could be bad blocks or sectors. Try speedfan, and search out a couple others just to be sure for the hard drive checking. Replacing the HDD fixed all my friends issues. Going further back to the IDE years, a bad cable can cause do all kinds of odd things, check and or replace them. Finally, search for bad compositors, they will be swallon or leaking *** on the motherboard.
  10. Many days later I have an update. Apparently even though my GPU passed a benchmark, it only reboots when I'm using 3 displays (I've been using 2 for a few days and it hasn't rebooted once). The only reason I bothered checking that is because I don't recall it happening before I set up another display.

    I've tested all the outputs, so it doesn't matter which 2/3 I use. I just can't use 3. I've contacted XFX yesterday, but was wondering if anyone's seen something like this before.
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