I5 3570 on asrock h77 pro4 mvp


I built up my system with i5 3570 and asrock h77 pro4 mvp. But apparently I had problems with it, my screen freezes randomly. restart is the only way. it happens randomly and very often like 5 min interval, 1 hr interval, 1 min interval. So I was not able to use my PC with that. When I tried to troubleshoot by trying other i5 3570 cpu. Problem is still there. but when i changed it to i7. it worked. So I tried to changed my mobo to asus h77 m le and went back to i5 3570. So then I think there is a compatibility issue with i5 3570 and asrock h77 pro 4 mvp?
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  1. Hi,
    It might be a BIOS issue. Have you tried flashing it?
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