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Hi all, basically i have brought all the parts and thought about rethinking about my motherboard as i want to be able to run QUAD sli gtx 590 in the later future sometime and being able to overclock. I was hoping anyone could give me knowledge or recommendation of my build. I'm thinking any chipset along the lines of intel 1155 Z68 or P67 =]

Intel I7 2600k 3.4 GHz processor
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Z-Motherboard (8x/16x/16x tri-SLI support)
8GB DDR3 RAM (2x4)
Nvidia GTX 590 GPU
Patriot SSD 60GB
Corsair AX 1200W
NXZT Phantom Case
Water cooling in the near future...

I want to be able to run QUAD sli on x16 and x16 but the motherboard mention above is x8 and x16 correct me if i'm wrong. I'm thinking about SABERTOOTH P67... but don't know that much. I'm still confused and not sure if the Maximus IV actually runs dual x16?
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    Quad SLI with the 590's only takes two slots. When a mobo says x16/x8/x8/x4 it means the lanes for each *slot* not the lanes for each gpu. Any mobo that will run x16/x16 mode will be good for what you want. The Maximus IV will work. If you want to save a little money the ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 will perform just as well.

    I know this is not something you asked about, but I would put the mobo savings toward a 120GB SSD. Most people that buy a 60GB/64GB SSD find themselves wishing they'd splurged on a bigger one. 60GB is just not quite big enough for a boot drive.

    Anyway, powerful build either way. Have fun with it.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, thats fine i'm sticking with the mobo as i just spent 3hrs+ putting the comp together although i have not even plug in the cables because this is my first build and DONT KNOW HOW lol. I'm just building this now and hoping that 120GB or bigger will be cheaper and more stable so i will be getting a 120GB in the long run =]

    Anyways the i7 2600K didn't come with thermal paste? well i need some VERY GOOD thermal paste? any recommendations? as i want to reduce degrees for some major overclocking =] [heard that Artic MX 4 or the Silver Artic 5 are extremely good, please correct me if im wrong]

    I also need any guides or info about putting the plugging all the cables onto the motherboard cause i do not want to read the encyclopedia that ASUS provided LOL
  3. Arctic Silver 5 is good.

    Also, there are guides out there for putting together computers (I don't happen to know a good one), but you should really just read all the manuals. All motherboards are different and you need to know like which PCIe slots to use and which sata ports to use and things like that which are specific to each motherboard. For a first timer you should really use the manuals.
  4. yeah i heard Arctic Silver 5 is good, but i went with the Artic Cooling MX-4 heard they pretty good. but havent applied it to the cpu as the heat sink had preapplied thermal paste so I'm going to wait abit and clean the leftovers and apply new thermal paste.
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