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Will the Pentium D support DDR3-800Mhz?

These are the specs,

CPU - Pentium D 945 3.4GHz (800MHz FSB speed)
Mobo - Gigabyte G41M-Combo (Supports DDR2-1066MHz & DDR3-1333Mhz)
RAM - 2GB [One 1GB (DDR2-800MHz) & one 1GB (DDR2-667MHz)]

& thought of upgrading the RAM into a DDR3 since the MOBO supports it.

So, my question is about the RAM concerning the CPU,

Should i stick to DDR2? or can I go for a DDR3?
& if so, will a DDR3-1333MHz support this CPU? or again should i stick to a DDR3 with 800MHz?

(As it's hard to find a DDR3-800MHz & 1333's are very cheap) ;)

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    The CPU is irrelevant in deciding RAM compatibility.
  2. Whoa! Thanks! *_*
    Finally, a veteran saved my day! ;)
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  4. Hi Trailbreaker,

    I wanted to confirm from you if the Gigabyte G41 Combo motherboard works with your processor- pentium D 945- 3,4 GHz? Giabyte website says it is not compatible.

  5. Of course! With 2x DDR3-1333 2GB RAM, working perfectly till now!
    According to the vendor, any 775 CPU would work. So did my 945! :) Good Luck!
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