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I have a
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 Fan CPU Cooler and have just build the PC using the ASUS P8B75-M motherboard and sometimes when I switch on the PC it shows CPU fan error when I open the tower the fan is spinning so not show why message is showing can anyone help ?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    You can sometimes get that message if your fan(s) do not come to speed (during POST they are ramped up briefly) when expected. You usually will only get that message during a cold start if that is the case. Restarts probably will not result in that message since the fan does not (usually) stop during the restart process.
    If you do get that message during restarts, let me know, it may be another issue completely.
    Hope it helps
  2. Hi thank you for your response yes it only seems to happen when I turn the PC on for the first time after it has been off for a few hours so is this not a fault ? If it is not a fault, can I set up the BIOS settings so it doesn't show the message in future ?
  3. In your motherboard's manual page 2-23 it explains disabling/limiting fan speed reporting by BIOS. Other temperature monitoring should be used if disabling that feature to prevent accidental overheating
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