GTX 570 problem

Hey all, I just upgraded from a GTX 470 to a 570 but am having a small problem. At least once a day while I'm playing a game the screen will freeze for a second or two and then go all black for a second or 2 and then will go back to working fine.

So if anyone can tell me why this may be happening i'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Please list components of your computer especially the power supply.
  2. i7 930
    GTX 570
    6gb perfomance RAM
    750w Tech NPS PSU
  3. If your montitor was working fine before the upgrade it would either be the power supply or the video card. On your power supply are there two seperate cables for the video cards , if yes then try using the other cable to see if it could be one of the rails in the ps. Next the video card , you said you just got it has it been 30 days yet (for a rma) and what brand, Evga , Msi , Zotac try giving thier tech support a call , they would know better than anyone else if it is the video card. Do you have the latest drivers installed , even though you just got it you don't know how long it has been sitting on the shelf.
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