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my asus p5g41t-mlx3 mobo just stop while in operation and its cpu fan just turns a little when i push the power button and stops again, same thing happens on other ps that i tried. i would like to know what causes my motherboard to stop/prevent the flow of electric current to its system.
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  1. Almost impossible to diagnose most board issues. Bad capacitors used to be a prime suspect, but many boards use solid caps now. I would request an rma from asus if you have no surface damage or burn marks on the board. Handle with extreme care when you remove the board and ship it. Asus can be bad about customer service, rejecting boards for damage that can't be seen without a scope. It takes about 24 hours for asus to issue an rma. You only ship the board, not the accessories. Place the board in it's original box with anti-static bag, and place that box in another shipping box with the rma number written clearly on the outside.
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