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It's about time I made an account here. Been browsing these forums for years and I'm glad to finally be a part of the community!

I haven't upgraded my rig in a very long time. I'm still running off an E6850 and my mobo won't support Quad Cores or anything higher. I'm a little out of the loop on all these new CPUs and whatnot.

It goes without saying that I'm in the market for a screaming fast beast of a rig but, I'm not rich. Here's what I'm looking at;

RAM: [x2]

Thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticisms? I'm pretty happy with the mem kit I chose, the low latency is primo. Should I be considering a different chipset or, is the P67 a good way to go? Is LGA 1155 the way to go as well? Do I need to worry about better cooling? I currently have a top fan, 2 front fans, a rear fan, and a fan between my HDDs and my PSU on the bottom under a partition, all of which are 120mm in a full ATX tower. I'll swap out my 750w CM PSU, use my current HDDs and most likely stick with my current case. With Windows 7 Ultimate, that brings the price to about $1,135 (including shipping). That covers everything. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks :)
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  1. How much are you willing to spend? Deffinetly go with a Z68 Mobo they are more versatile. Why not save the money and get a i5 2500k? Unless your gonna be using hyperthreading apps. GPU is good, RAM is crappy get the 8gb (2x4GB) for around $45 i believe its G.Skill. Again if your doing autocad and what not get 16GB. If your gonna be OC'ing yes worry about cooling I would advise the Hyper 212+.
  2. Again looking at the new best GPUs for the money article my recommendation would have to go for the 6950 2 GB, the cheapest ones are within $5 of that 560 Ti.
  3. Nice, Thanks for the replies so far. $1,200 is my limit. The i5 might not be a bad idea, that'd be $100 savings. I'm going to have to read up more on the z68. I've been seeing a lot of mixed opinions over the two chipsets. As far as the 6950, I've always used nvidia and that will take some careful consideration on my part.
  4. Well with the extra $100 saved from the CPU go with the 570 :D but I also would back up the 6950 is funds cant get one better
  5. Alright, so after some more research, I've decided to take your (Emelth) advice and get a Z68 based board. I've also stepped up the RAM. Going to get two kits, (4x4GB) and they're still at 7 latency. Also, they're rated for the P67 and Z68 chipsets, which is good. Obviously, I've broken down and decided to up my budget for this rig, so I'm looking at a 570. I decided to stick with the 2600K, I think in the long run I'll be happier with it over the 2500K.

    New specs;

    RAM: [x2]

    Which brings the grand total to $1,508.31, after shipping and tax.

    I'm still on the fence about the GPUs. I'm considering a 6950.
  6. 6970 beats the 570, 570 beats the 6950, 6950 beats the 560 Ti. Its all about what you can afford.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. Got my parts in last Tuesday, this rig is a beast. The 570 has got coil whine like a mofo. I know it can be a common thing with these newer cards, and it's not terribly loud. My GTX 285 had very slight coil whine sometimes... Let's just say I'm willing to live with it, I don't think it's bad enough for a RMA. The low latency G.Skill is clutch and I'm glad I stuck with the i7. The z68 based board is packed with great features. I'm loving this new setup.

    Running Skyrim on maxed out settings, constant 60 FPS. Playing APB and GTA IV is a challenge for me now since I grew so accustomed to compensating for lag and low FPS in the past. Everything runs smooth as butter. I can't wait for my next paycheck so I can get BF3.

    Thanks again!
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