Overheating GeForce GT 220?

I just got a brand new 1GB GT220 Zotac and at idle it's 70C and when running a few older games it's doing 74C. It's got a fan on the card, is there anything else I can do to cool it down? There is a slot on my computer case for a 120mm fan, should I install one and blow hot air out or cold air in? Right now I have a 80mm case fan blowing air in and a power supply unit that blows lots of air out.
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  1. first of all you have to check your gpu heatsink for dust. if its clogged then clean it. there are also a chance that your gpu fan already died. so you have to make sure the fan is running when you turn up your computer.

    having a better airflow is a good idea. where does that 120mm fan slot located?
  2. I had the same problem. The GT220 closed my screen after five minutes of use. After much research, I thought it was a case of overheating. So I completely removed my video card to my computer and I have thoroughly cleaned with compressed air. Remember to remove the card from the computer. This is the only way to properly remove dust. Now my GT220 card works fine.
    It is also very important to have a power supply of at least 350 watts.
  3. see as far as overheating is concern the major things that could be cause this is such as,

    * Clogged fan

    * Broken fan

    * Overclocking

    * Faulty Drivers

    * Inefficient Airflow

    Just lookout for the above symptoms and then go ahead with the solution
    regarding the same.:)

    If the fan is working and the Heatsink is clean, and its still overheating even with extra cooling then something is way wrong with the card. If its still under warranty, return it, if its not I would consider replacing it. An overheat event can damage the card and lead to more overheat events. You can get into a condition known as thermal runaway.:)
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