8600M GT video slow, when unplug,remove battery, restart runs then Ok

1720 Dell notebook with 8600M GT video slow, but when unplug and remove battery (with the system on) and restart graphics sometime runs fast again.

How to make run faster for games all the time? There has to be some setting that is changing.

My son noticed that if he took the battery out of the system with the system on. Then replaced the battery and restarted, the graphics went much, much faster. Until it is shut down and restarted. Then slow again.

Another test to see if the graphics are laggie is to ...

push down the left mouse button in the near the lower left corner of the screen and holding down the mouse button, make a small rectangle and move the arrow on the screen in small circles. The box tracks with the mouse very well. Then I make the box almost full screen and it has a very large lag moving the mouse to resize the box. After the battery was removed (with system on) the replace and restarted almost no lag in making the large box and moving the arrow around.

I have dell 1720 laptop (2008) 1920 x 1200 pixels, and upgrade the video from 8400 128mb to 8600M GT 254mb (PCI express x16). It runs faster, but it is still lagging. Added 2GB memory to make 4GM (that speed up the graphic too), vista, and reinstalled windows 2 months ago. Norton 360 seems to keep things clean. Ran Malwarebiyte, New 5400 disk drive. Battery is set to balanced but try power without any change.

System Windows score is 4.8
Processor: 4.9
Memory: 4.8
Graphics: 5.8
Gaming Graphics: 5.2
Primary Hard disk: 5.6

So, I know this thing can move Okay for a 3.5 year old machine. And I see it run fast shocking the system by removing the battery, so what is slowing the graphic down? Must be some setting change after a hard shutdown.
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  1. What is slowing the graphic card down? VISTA, you heard me, VISTA. Vista takes up a hell lot of resources, even the 8600m GT. I have a 1520 laptop running Windows 7 and a 8600m gt and the performance is noticeably faster than vista. Reinstalling the operating system is a waste of time. If you can not install Windows 7, then turn off Aero in Vista. This can save a lot of resources in the computer. Hope that helps.
  2. I will try windows 7, but I know it can run fast in vista sometimes after a hard shut down. So, I am not sure what is happening, thank you
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