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Bluetooth headset with PC always connected? - VOIP/SIP

Last response: in Technologies
February 4, 2005 9:14:57 PM

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I have just bought a SonyEricsson HBH-300.

I'm using an MSI dongle (fw revision Version 525) with 1.4.3 build 4 widcomm
software on xp sp2 and I am able to get the headset to work as an audio
device for the PC. The SIP software I am currently using is x-lite.

However, I wandered if it was possible to have a setup whereby if I get an
incoming VOIP call that my headset will connect automatically to the PC?

The situation currently is if i receive an incoming call I have to fumble to
connect to the headset , then I get a ringing in the headset which I have to
answer and I also have to answer within the VOIP application. Would be much
much nicer if I could just hear ringing in the headset and press either the
answer button in the VOIP application or answer button on the headset.

I'm 100% sure this would be easy to implement but not being a programmer I
couldn't implement it myself.

Any experienced users have advice on this at all?


February 5, 2005 9:41:50 PM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.bluetooth,uk.telecom (More info?)

"tHatDudeUK" <> wrote in message

In answer to my own question it seems you can hit the button on the
bluetooth handsfree and it connects to the PC in a few seconds. I have moved
to the SIPPS applications which seems very good, even though some features
don't seem to work (music on hold etc).

This reduces the steps needed to answer a call to: -

A) Press bluetooth headset button and put on head
B) Press answer in application