Advice on my computer build and set up.


My questions are...

1) Should I purchase the EVGA Z68 FTW edition mobo instead to give my GPUs more breathing space? I read that the regular EVGA Z68 mobo almost stacks GPUs right on top of eachother, but EVGA GTX 580s blow air outside the back of the case and not inside...but still...isn't it like putting to hot stones against eachother? Lemme draw to help explain my concern.

[ GTX 580 ]
[ GTX 580 ] - EVGA Z68


[ GTX 580 ]
[ GTX 580 ] - EVGA Z68 FTW

2) I plan to SLI in the future when I can save up more money for another GTX 580. This question will be about the EVGA GTX 580 3072MB Classified. I saw the trailer/tease video of it on youtube and supposably it runs 30% cooler...but against which GPU exactly? And whats that thing that is jutting out the side of it for? Is it worth the price?

3) I read that a quality 850w PSU is sufficient to run a GTX 580 SLI set up. But there are so many conflicting comments that it gives me a headache. I read some that stated that it ran quite close to the 850w around the late 700s (if that is considered "close" in the PSU world, I don't know). So what PSU wattage should I settle for? Any PSU recommendations?

4) I settled for the COOLER MASTER HAF X for my case since I am going solely for air flow. Corsair obsidian cases tend to be more tailored made for water cooling (like the 650D or 800D). Did I make the right choice?

5) G.Skill Ripjaws X versus G.Skill Snipers...are those heat spreaders or whatever they are actually functional or are they just there for looks? I'd rather take the G.Skill Snipers over the G.Skill Ripjaws X ram sticks because they have a low profile and are black colored. But if those heat spreader things on the G.Skill Ripjaws X ram sticks actually have a function, then I'd choose em. Do they? Anyone have other recommendations for ram that doesn't look like a toy?

6) DVD Burner...anyone got bad comments about the one I selected?

If you can't answer all the questions, that is fine...Just please answer the ones that you can answer. Critiques and advice on my build are greatly appreciated!
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  1. 1) and 2)$600 each is not worth it . you can get 2 $400 and with the $400 you save you can get a water cooling loop for your gpu's. also , since you will have a water cooling loop you wont need the ftw .
    3) 850w will cut it but if I were you I would get a 950-1000 so you can oc . I don't think the psu running at full load is healthy.
    4) so many people water cool in the haf so I don't think there would be a reason to get the obsidian unless its for looks
    5) im not sure i haven't tried them
    6) its not a machine gun , besides that its good
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