Asrock z77 problem

I just bought the asrock z77 and everytime I boot it the fans and everything runs but after like 5 seconds it crashes and reboots its self.

I have tried a lot of things also when I pull out the cpu power cable it seems to run without a problem ofcoure it wont boot but it doesnt crash without it.

Specs are:

GTX 680
16gb ram
I7 2770k
700w psu.
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  1. Does it post properly or is there an error with posting. Make sure you installed things like the CPU in the right orientation, and if so, it might be a problem with the hard-drive. Try and load windows from a different hard-drive and see if that works. If not, then it might be a BIOS problem. If that is so, then try to update your BIOS through the BIOS disk that comes with your motherboard. Another thing it might be is a faulty RAM stick. Try and boot with different configurations of a lesser amount of RAM, Like one 8GB stick, or two 4GB sticks if you are gave 4x4GB sticks.
  2. If problem accured Give back to the manufacturer and get a new one(free).a copy of original bill is Required.
  3. I get no error it says 0.0 the cpu is indeed in the right orientation I cant even get to boot the bios and tried hooking up only the cpu and a stick of ram with no result.
  4. did you use the brass standoff so the mb not shorting out. is the 4/8 pin atx power plug connected??? if both are fine check that the metal i/o shield not shorting out the mb or the mb is shorting to the case. i would try and see if the mb post outside the case on the desk.
  5. you have a sandy bridge cpu in a z77 mobo. You probably need to do a bios update with an ivy bridge cpu.
  6. ^ That's backwards. Some Z68's need a sandy to update for Ivy, not vice versa.
  7. Its was a bent pin.

    Thanks for all the help though.
  8. J_E_D_70 said:
    ^ That's backwards. Some Z68's need a sandy to update for Ivy, not vice versa.

    Oops. Typing faster than I was thinking.
  9. @wanderer11 - happens to me all the time :(
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