Problem! Need help with build!!!

Okay so about a year ago i built my first extreme computer lol well atleast extreme in my opinion. Well later on my friend wanted to build a computer and I helped him and all was going well! everything was put together and ready to be fired up!

And here was what went wrong... plugged it in and powered it up and nothing... the LED light on the case however lit up... but thats about it, tried again a second time and this time the fans took a quick spin and went out... once again nothing but the LED light on the case. I personally thought it could either be the motherboard or the power supply wither the motherboard was dead.. or the power supply had a short somewhere? So upon further tinkering i decided to go on the interwebs to see if anyone else in the infinite world of googles search had this problem and i find some with similar problems, but their solutions were all different. So anyway to the point i read an article actually a forum which might possibly have been this one where i found that we should unplug all the connections except for like the bare minimum needed to power the motherboard, so we did this and once again the cpu fan spinned for a second and went out, so we waited a few minutes and tried it again... then bzzz :ouch: motherboard sparked and started smoking at the edge immediately turned it off and unplugged everything haha soo I assumed that it was the motherboard. Damn another 3ish weeks waiting for a replacement :(.

Finally got our replacement motherboard once again built the whole thing up! except this time instead of plugging everything to the power supply we just started with the minimum. Success!! or so we thought... The cpu started up great! it seemed as though the assumptions were right and it was the motherboard but Nope :??: we continued to plug the rest in and got it all set up, turned it on... annnnd back to square one. The fans in the computer started for about a second and died again... To risk the chance of nearly setting the motherboard on fire we just let it go this time until we can figure out what the problem is. In my opinion i dont think it could be the motherboard its the same i used in my build which works perfectly. and what are the odds of getting 2 DOA motherboards? I am thinking that it is the power supply and that there is a short in one of the connections may not even be the main 24 pin one. I wouldnt think the power supply size would be the problem though, he bought a 750w mine is a 850w i wouldnt think a 100ws would be so much of a problem. but yeah just throwing it out there.

Anyway my question is if anyone has had a similar problem, or even if they think they might know what the problem is I feel bad for my friend because we put some work into this and he dropped a bit of money into it and all we are getting outta this is a headache. So yeahh help if you can! thank you.

Some computer information in case needed to cite the problem further:
Motherboard: Biostar TA870U3+
CPU: AMD Phenom II 1100
Graphics: XFX HD-685X-ZNFC Radeon HD 6850
Power Supply: OCZ-ZS750W
16GB of Corsair ram
I cant remember off the top of my head which brand but yeahh thats just the general stuff its got in it
of course a CD drive and a 1TB harddrive but yeah.

Any further questions feel free to ask! Thank you for any help that may possibly be provided :D
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  1. you should get a replacement psu . if you really want to be safe rebuild his build with your psu .
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