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I have a Acer with Windows 7 Pro and no parallel ports. I need to install a parallel printer, so I bought a Manhatan PCI express/parallel card. I installed it with no problems, and I see it created a LPT3 port, but the printer will have no communication. Any ideas?
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  1. Do you have the drivers installed for the card?: http://www.manhattan-products.com/en-US/products/8179-parallel-pci-express-card (go to the ''drivers'' tab)

    Also do you have the printers drivers installed?(if it needs drivers that is)
  2. Yes, I have both drivers (card and printer) installed. I was wondering if it being Win 7 it would be a problem
  3. Any ideas...?
  4. What does it say in device manager? and what printer is it?
  5. It is a Epson TM-U220PD. The software I am using sends esc. codes to the parallel port, so I can't change the printer nor use a parallel/esb cable nor convert the printer to USB. I think the problem is that the PCI card installed a LPT3 port and the printer is looking for a LPT1 port. I am so confused!!! When I try to print there is no error message, just the document won't print.
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