Motherboard Temp 57 celcius - too hot?

hi . i have overclocked my amd 1045t to 3.6Ghz from 2.7GHz and my mobo temp max is 57 degrees celcius.
is this too much??? what is a safe range and what can i do to lower it. i have a fan blowing onto my mobo already.
Thanks in advance
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  1. That is really warm... There isn't a lot to do to lower a motherboard temp. More than likely the spot it is reading is the VRM's that give power to the CPU. If you keep running them that warm they will start to fluctuate in the power delivery, and you stability will be impacted.
  2. Yeah its hot but not too hot. Make sure that you have proper air flow into the cabinet.
  3. Do you have an after market CPU cooler? Which is it?
  4. If you don't have an aftermarket cooler, consider getting a downdraft cooler, I have a nice one from Noctua and it keeps my mobo a cool 32 degrees, even at load. Doesn't cool the CPU quite as well as a tower cooler but it keeps it well within the limits and is nice and quiet.
  5. Ya i have an aftermarket cooler but i got it in a bundle so i don't know the brand....
    i will probably get a corsair AF120 blowing directly onto the mobo ...

  6. Sorry its an asus lion square.... sorry i'm a noob
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