Windows 8 drivers ud3h

i bought the ud3h mobo 2 days back after doing a lot research and found that it was windows 8 ready
so i bought windows 8.
but when i run the driver dvd in 8 it says OS not compatible.
my parents scolded me very much for wasting the money.

i found that its manufacturing was of august and windows 8 was not launched till then.
what should i do?
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    The driver DVD supplied would have been made months before Windows 8 was released, but you should be able to download Windows 8 drivers from GigaByte's website. You'll need to know the full model number and revision number of your motherboard as there are over two dozen boards in the UD3H series:

    I know for a fact they have Windows 8 drivers for some UD3H boards 'cos i just checked. Hopefully yours is one of them.

    The full model number & revision number of your board should be printed on it, on the populated side.
  2. thank you very much
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