Pc Boot problem please help!

Hi there,

I built my pc about half a year ago from components bought online. Everything has been running smoothly up until now. Yesterday I decided to clean inside the case a little due to it being incredibly dusty. I removed the RAM and the graphics card, blew a little dust off of both and blew dust out of the case. After reseating both RAM and GPU, and turning on the computer I notice no video through my monitor. I change the DVI cable into the 2nd port on the GPU with still no luck. So then I check inside the case and I see a red light on the MEMOK button. Not flashing just stable red. I wondered that there may be a problem with the RAM, but unable to look up on the internet what could be the problem as I didn't have access to a pc I reseated the RAM, with still no luck, also I tried 1 Ram stick at a time, with one of the RAM sticks in the light went away but still no video.

I also tried to listen to the Logon sound of the computer through speakers but there wasn't one so I don't think the pc is booting windows, and therefore it's not a gpu problem. My keyboard also doesn't light up on turning the pc on but my mouse does? Anyway, at some point during fiddling around with the RAM, trying to fix the MEMOK light I noticed a very faint possible burning smell? It isn't from the CPU as the heatsink is on properly and the fan is ok. Btw, no beeping coming from the MOBO this whole time which seems a bit dodgy. Before I smelt this burning however, everytime I tried to turn on the pc, it would start up for 2 or 3 seconds, still no video output, and then shutdown for say 2 seconds. After this it would reboot, and stay running until I turned it off again. No video but still no keyboard lights so I don't think its booting to windows or anything. Somehow I managed to get rid of the red MEMOK light but the rebooting problem still persists and I'm pretty worried about the burning smell... as well as not being able to see any video output. I have a hunch its probably a board problem but I have no way of testing my components as all my friends have laptops. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

These are my specs:

Core i5 2500k
ASUS p8p67
nVidia GTX 560
Antec True power 650w
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  1. Sorry about the muddled post above TLDR: I turn my pc on, it shuts down again after 3 seconds, then turns on again with no video output or beeping noises.
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